Alexander Dickson Primary School, Comber Road, Ballygowan, County Down, Northern Ireland BT23 5TN.  Telephone: 028 97528651.  Find Us: MAP


 ADPS is a warm and welcoming community school.  The children are involved in decisions about their learning and the running of the school through the School Council.

Every year we support at least three different Charities, one selected by staff, one by parents and Primary 7 run the final fun raiser of the year to support their choice of good cause.

We have very close links with Ballygowan Community Playgroup, Ballygowan Seniors Club,  BCDA and Ballygowan Presbyterian Church.

Ballygowan Community Playgroup share our campus and avail of our hall, library and outdoor play facilities.  We very much enjoy having the playgroup visit at Christmas for our Nativity and Primary 1/2 Party.  They are also invited to many PTA events.

The Seniors Club provides an appreciative audience for our Dress Rehearsal of our Nativity play each year.  Primary 7 enjoy intergenerational projects, which have produced some fabulous artwork.  The seniors always provide a warm welcome for Primary 6/7 pupils, when a small monetary gift is presented from harvest.  The children sing or perform for them in the village hall.

We support BCDA in whatever way we can, advertising and attending events eg. providing Elves for Santa Claus!!